Jamais Vu "Not yet seen"

- About Us -

jamais vu (/ˈʒɑːmeɪ ˈvuː/; "not yet seen"

  • As the French name implies Jamais Vu Productions is a full service aerial photography and video company based in Atlanta GA. We specialize in Real estate, Film, TV and more.  Our mission is to deliver a high quality, fast turnaround product that you have "never seen before" We offer high quality aerial photography and video services to meet your project needs at affordable prices.  With a strong education in film and video, photography, editing and graphic design we provide you and your clients the means of translating your idea onto a digital canvas. We will provide you all of the necessary tools to make Jamais Vu Productions your one stop shop for Real Estate photography, video, video editing and graphics.





A little about myself

  • I am a commercial aerial photographer and cinematographer. and founder of Jamais Vu Productions. I  am a remote pilot certificate holder, UAV certified with National Drone Schools and educated in UAV flight and operation. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Film and video production  at Georgia State University as well as graphic design and motion graphics. I have merged a diverse skill set to develop a superior product with a deep knowledge  and the definition of true quality in every aspect of design, photography and video and an understanding of how to best provide the best possible product and customer integrity and satisfaction.

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