Drones offer a marvelous opportunity for the business of real estate and the broader economy. Drone technology will allow agents a better view of their properties as well as nearby amenities from multiple views. Agents will have the ability to show interested buyers where a home is located in proximity to a school, beach and other settings of interest and importance. Agents can have the option of drone usage outside as well as inside a home as well. Drones have the ability to provide smooth tours of the interior than what we have seen before with more traditional cameras and equipment.



• Drones will encompass aerial views of the property and land.

• Home’s proximity to nearby amenities, schools, beach, traffic, etc.

• Local improvement districts that the buyer’s property taxes might supply.

• Drive home to and from work will look like

• Kids walk to and from school

Right now there around 2.5 million drones in the skies and forecasted 7 million drones in the air by 2020. The technology is on the rise and Real Estate will continue to benefit tremendously by boosting sales and reputation. The added perspective is selling more and more homes!

- Residential Photography and Video -



Safety is our number-one priority and this is why we at Jamais Vu Productions utilize the latest in small drone technology fully equipped with SENSE AND AVOID AUTONOMOUS TECHNOLOGY. Presently we are using the latest from DJI; The Phantom 4. This new technology provides special sensors for obstacle avoidance that allows our drones to react and stay clear from any obstacles, which allows for greater security and self-assurance when flying indoors or outdoors close to property.


Our new drones provide sharp and stabilized hd as well as 4k video thanks to an integrated camera gimbal that allows the camera to capture smooth footage even at the most complicated operation. Our drones also offer GPS flight systems with live video feedback, and fail-safe safety features.

- Packages -


starts at $150


This is our most basic package for your photography needs. This package will cover exterior aerial stills as well as interior. Package starts at $150 for 10-15 stills with an additional $25 for 4,000 sq feet and bigger.


starts at $200


This package provides your video essentials. Videos are priced at $200 for 1-2 minutes of video which includes interior video as well up to 4,000 sq feet. $25 for 4,000 sq feet and bigger.


best package at $325!


Our combo package will include both Photo + Video. This bundle is priced at $325 and includes 10-15 stills and 1-2 minutes of video which includes video for interiors up to 4,000 sq feet. $25 for 4,000 sq feet and bigger.


• Commercial Real Estate

• Construction Development

• Property Inspections

• Film and video





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